Nautica Modena

concessionario mostes

Dear customers and friends of the Nautica Modena,
This year the shipyard Mostes has reached the milestone of one hundred years of activity, the experience gained in this long process has created special craft and unique, why we love to define them "dreams", is not in fact a simple object or a "status symbol" but a dream that, for some people, it is made. We like to define ourselves as a big family made up of people who share the same passion and who, through hard work and sacrifice, they could fulfill their dream.
The idea of ​​creating a "Owners Club" was too tempting, so during the Hundred Years shipyard Mostes we decided, together with the family Mostes, create this group where all the owners of a boat Mostes are welcome!
Our aim is to create greater integration and harmony among our owners through Independently Reviewed dinners and events reserved for them in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Garda, the underlying theme of all will be only one: the Mostes!
Hoping to have the above-stated in you a little curiosity wish you happy surfing!

Fam. Modena & Mostes